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In Illinois, there are certain situations where you need a surety bond. For instance, you might need one if you're in the construction business. You should also get it if you're working on a public project worth over $50,000. It's all about protecting everyone.

Getting a bond is a promise that you'll play fair and treat your customers well. Not to mention, it's a way to show you're financially responsible. Whether you're a licensed motor vehicle dealer, electrician, or plumber, you could need it. Licensed gigs typically require one. So, if you find yourself in this position, talk to us at Allied Advantage Insurance Services. We'll arrange a bond for you.

The best part is that a bond gives your clients peace of mind, knowing they've got cover in case something goes awry. People can't rely only on a handshake and a promise; they want more.

Adequate protection

Surety bonds save the day and protect business people from potential financial disasters. They're a type of insurance that ensures a job or project gets completed as promised. Unsurprisingly, tons of businesses are hopping on the surety bond trend. No one wants to take the chance of getting stuck with damages if a contract falls through.

That's why we suggest considering getting bonded. It's a total win-win. Your customers will feel more confident hiring you, and you'll have that added protection.

There are a few different types you should know about. License and permit bonds are necessary for specific professions and industries like contractors or auto dealers. Their primary purpose is to guarantee that businesses do things ethically. So, if you plan on starting a business in Illinois, finding out if you'll need one of these bonds is essential.

Next up, we've got the contract bonds. They're popular in the construction industry. It's like a safety net for the contractor and the project owner.

To get your surety bond, visit or call our Allied Advantage Insurance Services offices today.